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I specialize in fostering deeper attachment, intimacy, and eroticism between partners by expanding on existing strengths. Through our work, partners can expect to feel a closer bond, experience greater sexual satisfaction, and develop more effective communication strategies.


I am interested in hearing more about what brought you here. Whether you are suffering from loneliness, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, burn-out, or simply feeling overwhelmed by the difficulties we are facing as a society, good therapy can help.

We are not meant to do this alone. As humans, we are built for interpersonal connection and relationship. During our sessions together, I will utilize a strengths-based approach that incorporates mindfulness, attachment theory, and trauma-informed care to create a therapeutic environment for healing and change. The goal is not just increased insight but cultivating a different emotional experience that can benefit all aspects of life.

Family Therapy, Adolescents, and Transitional Age Youth

I work with teens, young adults, and their families struggling with life transitions, trauma, behavioral issues, anxiety, and depression. I employ a systems perspective, understanding that healing is often accelerated when relationships between family members can improve. I will work collaboratively with you and your family to help bring relief from conflict and relationship stress. I typically start by mapping a family tree, as I firmly believe that by understanding our roots we can more easily move towards empathy and positive change.


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